Council of Young Scientists

Council of Young Scientists has been created to attract and secure talented youth, ensuring scientific and administrative growth and increasing the activity of young scientists at the Institute

The principal tasks of the Council are the following:

  • to represent on behalf of young scientists of the Institute in administrative and public organizations and the mass media;

  • to promote interdisciplinary integration of young scientists of the Institute;

  • to elaborate and submit to the Institute Administration the analytical references and notes with the statement of problems of the young scientists, for the solution of which the Institute Administration resolution is required;

  • to assist to initiatives of scientific youth aimed at solving social and domestic problems.

Head of Council of Young Scientists

  • Artem Mizyuk, PhD in physics and mathematics, Department of Ocean Dynamics

Academic Secretary of Council of Young Scientists

  • Elena Kubryakova, Department of Ocean Dynamics

The Council members:

  • Andrey Bagaev, PhD in physics and mathematics, Shelf Hydrophysics Department

  • Anton Garmashov, PhD in geography, Department of Marine Climatic Research

  • Arseniy Kubryakov, PhD in physics and mathematics, Remote Sensing Department

  • Egor Bykov, postgraduate, Department of Innovative Technologies

  • Natal’ya Germankova, Atmosphere and Ocean Interaction Department

  • Dar’ya Kalinskaya, Marine Optics and Biophysics Department

  • Dmitriy Kremenchutskiy, Marine Biogeochemistry Department

  • Evgeniy Medvedev, Marine Biogeochemistry Department

  • Sergey Mikhaylichenko, Department of Computational Technologies and Modeling

  • Pavel Polikarpov, Head of Department of Popularization of Science Activity

  • Ekaterina Skiba, Remote Sensing Department

  • Marina Tsyganova, Shelf Hydrophysics Department

  • Ekaterina Shchurova, Shelf Hydrophysics Department


Address: 2, Kapitanskaya St., Sevastopol, 299011, Russian Federation