MHI Scientists Took Part in the International Congress in Malta

17 November 2017
By: Alla Mukhanova

The Thirteenth International MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management and Conservation (MEDCOAST’17) was held in October 31 – November 4, 2017 in Mellieha, Malta. More than 60 scientists from Russian Federation, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, UK, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Mexico, Slovenia, Japan, South Korea and other countries participated in the event.

Global and regional problems of the current state of the coastal zone, especially of the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts were discussed in the conference. The issues of monitoring and forecasting of the dynamic processes in the coastal zone, efficient use of its resources, the formation of databases, etc. were considered. Considerable attention was paid to the problems of the World Ocean pollution, particularly by the postconsumer plastics.

The scientists of FSBSI MHI Sergey K. Konovalov, Evgeniy A. Godin and Liydmila V. Kharitonova participated in the open interdisciplinary sessions and several special thematic sessions organized during the event.

Sergey K. Konovalov, FSBSI MHI Director, RAS Corresponding Member headed the Shoreline Changes, Coastal Biogeochemistry and Hydrodynamics section and delivered a report Dynamics of Biogeochemical Processes of Methane Sipes in Coastal Ecosystems (S.K. Konovalov, N.A. Orekhova, K.I. Gurov, T.A. Kanapatsky, M.A. Myslina, N.V. Pimenov). PhD Lydmila V. Kharitonova presented the report Changing of the Crimea Coast in the Last Hundred Years (Yu.N.Goryachkin, L.V. Kharitonova) in the same section. These reports gained great interest and were highly appreciated by the conference participants.

Attention of the scientists from different countries was also attracted by the following reports of MHI scientists presented at the poster session: Complex Biophysical Model of Aquaculture of Molluscs (E.F. Vasechkina), Mathematical Modeling of Seiches in the Balaklava Bay (D.I. Lazorenko, V. V.Fomin, E.I. Ivancha), Coastal Research Information Support (E.A. Godin, A.V. Ingerov, A.Kh. Khaliulin, R.D. Kos’yan), Application of GIS technologies for Access to Coastal Zone Databases (M.V. Krylenko, E.V. Zhuk, A.Kh. Khaliulin), Granulometric Composition Dynamics in Limenskaya Bay (K.I. Gurov, V.V. Fomin) and High Resolutional Modeling of the Black Sea Circulation (O.A. Dymova).

On the sidelines of the forum there was a lively exchange of views on a wide range of issues, including the organization of coastal research and the development of international cooperation. On the last day of the conference, a workplace tour was organized. It included the acquaintance with the Malta shores, their condition and application in economic activities.

The accepted papers of the conference participants will be in the two volume Proceedings of the Thirteenth International MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management and Conservation (Editor E. Ozhan).

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