About Institute

Federal State Budget Scientific Institution “Marine Hydrophysical Institute of RAS" is one of the world leading oceanological centers. It consists of 15 scientific research departments.

The Institute employs highly qualified scientific staff, including one academician of RAS, two corresponding members of RAS, 25 Dr. of Sciences (among which eight professors) and 74 PhDs.

Academic Board of the Institute is the principal organizing and coordinating authority for the implementation of fundamental and applied scientific programs. It governs the work of the scientific creative teams, as well as interacts with scientific institutions of the Russian Federation and many other countries.

The main fields of the Institute scientific research are the following:

  • fundamental research of the processes determining the variability of the hydrophysical, hydrochemical, hydrooptical and ice fields of the seas and oceans, and the interaction of the atmosphere and the ocean over a wide range of spatial-temporal scales;

  • development of the scientific foundation for the development of operational oceanography methods and means, improvement of operational models of ecosystems and circulation of the World Ocean waters and the seas washing the Russian Federation shores;

  • development of new measuring hydrophysical instruments and the industrial instrumentation foundation for research and the provision of organizations and departments of the Russian Federation by marine measuring instruments;

  • complex interdisciplinary studies of the main processes of formation and evolution of the ecosystems of the Black, Azov Seas and other seas of the Russian Federation, as well as the land-sea interface applying the new equipment developed in MHI.